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Easy-to-understand Time Table of Israel vs Palestine (Summarized)

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Easy-to-understand Time Table of Israel vs Palestine (Summarized) Empty Easy-to-understand Time Table of Israel vs Palestine (Summarized)

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November 29, 1947

ORIGINALLY ONE PALESTINE. Jews were already in conflict with Palestine; they want a “National Home.” Brit hands the issue over to the UN. UN splits it into an Israel (for Jews) and Palestine, both separate states. Also, end of British Mandate for Palestine (colonization).
Also, Israel was favoured because UN likes them better (because of the Jewish holocaust). The vote to separate was 33-13 (10 abstained).

Palestinians were not allowed in Israel.

May 14, 1948

Arab countries around (including Palestine) who didn’t like the Israel idea attacked Israel. ARAB-ISRAELI WAR. Also caused an exodus of Palestinians because they were at war, so they went to become refugees.

Also, because of the partitions and Palestinians can’t step on Israel land, the refugees got stuck.

July 1, 1956

Egypt nationalized (“claimed”) the Suez Canal. Israel, France, and Brit got mad so they invaded Sinai (Peninsula in Egypt).

May 27, 1964

PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) was born in Jerusalem.

-Majority (PLO): They want a free state of Palestine that wasn’t suckish (the Palestinians didn’t like the partition the Israelites took). In short, they want some land back.

-Minority (Extremists; not PLO): They want to “remove” Israel. As in... REMOVE Israel. Forever. Anti-Jews. Like Hitler.
And that is what Palestinian terrorists and Hamas will be doing.

January 1, 1967

Israel attacks Egypt, Syria, and Jordan in a “pre-emptive strike.” Israelites justify the war by saying that they attacked so that the Arab nations wouldn’t attack them first.
Against the 3 countries, the Israelites won. They captured the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip (Egypt), Golan Heights (Syira), and West bank and East Jerusalem (Jordan).

Arabs vs Israelites. They hate each other.

*Note that a lot of Palestinian refugees went to Jordan.

January 1, 1978

Egyptians and Israelites met at Camp David (US) to have a peace talk / treaty.
-Egypt gets all of its land back (from Israel).
-Israel keeps 40% of Sinai after ratification for 3 years.

November 9, 1979

Israel invades Lebanon because PLO nested there. Yes.

*Note that prior to that was the Sabra and Shatila massacre (Lebanon). Lebanon’s president got assassinated so Lebanon killed the Palestinians and Lebanon civilians because they thought they did it.

December 9, 1982

Palestinians from West Bank and Gaza (Captured by the Israelites during the 6-day war) staged an uprising independent from the PLO. No resistance experience: Teenagers, students, women, and children revolted.

November 15, 1988

Palestinian National Estate was formed under Yasir Arafat. It was West Bank + Gaza Strip.

October 30, 1991

Madrid hosts a peace conference with Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon.

September 13, 1993

At the White House, Israel and Palestine had an agreement.
-Israel recognizes PLO and gives Palestine some autonomy.
-Palestine stops demanding land.

July 1, 1994

Israel: 60% military withdrawal from Gaza and Jerico. Arafat returns and becomes president of Palestina.

January 1, 1995

Afarat and Shimon Peres (Israeli foreign minister) sign the Taba Agreement: Transitional period for Palestine to self-rule in Gaza Strip and West Bank (their “national estate”).

November 9, 2000

Ariel Sharon (leader of Israel’s Likud party) visits al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, which is sacred to the Palestinians. Afarat says that the visit is dangerous. Sharon visited anyways, which started the second Infantada (Palestinians revolted. Again.).

*Note that Sharon is a douchebag.

January 1, 2001

Palestine and Israel meet at Egypt’s resort of Taba to negotiate the US peace proposal.
One month later, Sharon becomes president of Israel and scraps the Taba agreement. Douchebag.

September 20, 2002

Israel attacks West Bank, attacks Afarat’s office in Ramallah, and assassinates Palestinian leaders.

November 11, 2004

Afarat dies in France. He wants to be buried in Jerusalem but Israel says no. They buried him in Ramallah (where his office was attacked) with soil from Jerusalem in his grave. Close enough.

January 25, 2006

Hamas becomes president of Palestine. He rejects Israel’s right to exits so US, Israel, and several European countries cut off aid to Palestine.
*Note that Hamas, like Sharon, is also a douchebag.

November 9, 2008

Egypt fosters a talk to unite Hamas and PLO (they are different; one wants to destroy Israel, one wants to negotiate with Israel) into a national unity government. I don’t think it worked.


Hamas uses twitter to announce bombings in Israel.
The conflict goes on.

Israel is a recognized state and part of UN.
Palestine is was not a recognized as a state, therefore, not recognized as part of UN.

December 2012

UN gives Palestine statehood so they become a “non-member observer state!” They get limited state rights like:
-Joining the International Criminal Court
-Joining International Treaties
But they can’t:
-Vote on things

This account is not Jeff.

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