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Cosmetic Surgery (Good and Bad Effects)

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Cosmetic Surgery (Good and Bad Effects) Empty Cosmetic Surgery (Good and Bad Effects)

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Cosmetic surgery is performing surgery on a person to change their appearance (aesthetic).

-People who are insecure about their appearance
-People who don’t want to be recognized (spies, assassins, etc.)

*Note that cosmetic surgery costs a lot so all these people have to be rich.
**Note that you burn your face, you’d need RECONSTRUCTIVE surgery, not cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is mainly for making people look pretty.

-People will feel better about themselves.
Nadia Iles was being bullied at school for her big ears for a long time. She would cry all the time (going home from the bus stop and before going to sleep) and contemplated suicide. She told her mom, Lynda Iles, and begged her to have her ears pinned back. Lynda soon discovered the Little Baby Face Foundation, a foundation who gives completely FREE (even the plane trip) cosmetic surgery to bullied kids.
At age 14, Nadia received cosmetic surgery. They didn’t just change her ears, they also changed her nose and chin. Nadia now says that she feels better about herself. When she looked at herself after the surgery, she said: “I’m beautiful. I see a new me.”
Now, instead of hiding her ears behind her hair, Nadia can pull her hair back and show her ears proudly.
After that, though, Lynda said that surgery wasn’t enough to fix years of torment. She had her go through therapy.

After getting the surgery, friends and family will criticize the person.
-Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Body Dysmorphic Disorder causes a person to be obsessed with perceived physical flaws, which would negatively affect their life (depression, obsession, self-esteem, etc.). A person with BDD would CONTINUOUSLY undergo cosmetic surgery but still feel bad about themselves (in fact, they might feel worse; “Why can’t I be beautiful!?”).
*Note that people with BDD are often the ones who take the surgery in the first place.
-Depression / Even lower self-esteem
Sometimes, a person who undergoes cosmetic surgery would have unrealistically high expectations of themselves after the surgery. This will make them feel worse and they’d pursue going through more surgeries, in hopes of achieving the perfect look. They’d keep being sad about their appearance no matter what because of this.
*Note that People with BDD are very likely to be very depressed.

This account is not Jeff.

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