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Post  Hayz.. on Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:03 pm

In this day and age too many trees are already being consumed because growing industry, and urbanization. So much so that the area of the number of primary forest area cut down each year is 60,000 square kilometers. That is about the size of Ireland!
Each year in the USA there are 30 million trees that are cut down in order to print books. Those 30 million trees that are cut down could be saved if we all turned to the internet, more specifically e-books.
In the 3 years and 1 month from July 4 2006 to August 4 2009; more than 200 million books were downloaded freely from two websites: Project Gutenberg (PG), and the World Public Library's annual event, the World eBook Fair (WEF).
Without these two websites, then those books that were downloaded freely would have been printed on paper killing even more trees. E-books are the future of books, and will help lower the number of trees that are being destroyed. Since they are electronic not only are they not printed, but things like packaging and covers are also removed from the picture.


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