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Popularity of Gangnam Style

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Popularity of Gangnam Style Empty Popularity of Gangnam Style

Post  This account is not Jeff. on Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:53 pm

What is Gangnam Style?
Gangnam Style is a song made by the K-Pop artist PSY, it was popularized by Youtube.

Gangnam Style, as of December 2012, has reached 1 billion views on Youtube, being the first to ever reach this amount of views. As of that time, Gangnam style is the most popular video on the internet, being the most viewed. Gangnam Style also became the most popular Google search.

The viral video greatly influenced pop-culture, not only in Korea, but also in America and, in turn, the whole world. Since then, the dance moves are oft imitated by celebrities and, of course, people from the internet.


Gangnam style mostly earned its popularity by means of Youtube. Also, from Youtube, PSY earns money based on the advertising of the video. From the views he has so far, he’s earned, from Youtube, almost $1 billion.

Gangnam style was first heard of on Youtube, and, with that, made it to the Billboards Top 100, Top #2 from the rising internet popularity.


Gangnam style is seen to promote various commercials and products on TV.
Also, CD’s and downloads for Gangnam style have boomed because of the amassed publicity, especially in Nigeria, where the CD industry is at its finest.

A lot of the ratings for the CD’s and downloads were negative, but publicity is still publicity, so Gangnam Style was still even more popularized!

Achievement Unlocked:

-Most searched Google term
-Reached Billboards Top #2
-Most views on Youtube
-Mass-media domination
-Success for K-Pop!

This account is not Jeff.

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