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Important Syrian General Defects To Rebels (Assad is in trouble)

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Important Syrian General Defects To Rebels (Assad is in trouble) Empty Important Syrian General Defects To Rebels (Assad is in trouble)

Post  This account is not Jeff. on Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:51 pm

Important Syrian General Defects To Rebels


The Syrian government (led by Assad) is at war against the Syrian rebels.


Major General Abdul Aziz Jassem al-Shallal, the chief of military police, defected* over to the rebel side.
He escaped the clutches of the Assad regime by a 4-hour sprint by motorcycle to the Turkish border.

*Note that defect means to abandon your side and side with someone else (from government to rebels in this case).

Being a Major General and chief of military police, Shallal was a very important man to the military. Ironically, as chief of military police, his main job was to prevent defections but it was he who defected over to the rebels.


Shallal said that he defected because he felt that the army had lost sight of its original mission and had turned into “a gang for killing and destruction.”


Aside from being in charge of preventing defection, he was also in charge of prisons that held civilian dissidents.*
He can now leak information to the rebels on weaknesses of the prisons.

*Note that dissidents are civilians who oppose authority.

Also, because of this blow, Russia has called Syrian diplomats to fly to Moscow.
Now, instead of supporting the Syrian government, they’ve adjusted their position to wanting a peaceful solution that would end in the Assad regime leaving power.

*Note that Russia supported the Syrian government before because they made a lot of money off of them.

The Assad regime is in hot water.

This account is not Jeff.

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