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A Lot of Things That Married Other Things Empty A Lot of Things That Married Other Things

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Boston man marries himself.
Roland Nigland (31) stood before a municipal judge and a small gathering of friends to profess his love to himself.

“ "From the moment that I saw my reflection in the mirror," said Nigland, "I fell in love with myself." Nigland confessed that the first time that he started to experience strong feelings for himself was in the third grade. "I pulled a dirty T-shirt out of the laundry hamper and pressed my face into the armpit. "I couldn't get that fragrance out of my mind."
As Nigland became a young man, he started to experience undeniable sexual feelings for himself. "At first, I tried to ignore them. But, one day when my hand innocently brushed up against my thigh, I knew that I had to take it to the next level." "
Nigland would flirt with himself in the library and rent out a room in motels just for himself and himself. When he told his parents, they were in shock, but accepted it anyways. Now, whenever he walks down the street, he’s seen holding hands with himself (how sweet).
Soon after, even his friends accepted him and treated him as a couple.
“ "When I used to date women, I'd always have to wait around for them while they got dressed, wondering how long it would be until they'd be ready. Now, when I'm getting dressed for a night out on the town, I always know exactly how long it will be until I'm ready to go.” ”
“ And what about the sex? "Unbelievable," said Nigland. "Last year on vacation in Hawaii, I booked a suite at the Fairmont Orchid and had a magnum of Champaign sent up, just to surprise myself. I was absolutely stunned. After a fabulous dinner, I hopped over the threshold (since I couldn't really carry myself) and spent the evening caressing and pleasuring myself. I've never had sex like that with a woman!" "
Nigland supports others who plan on marrying themselves. He is thinking of establishing a foundation to support anyone who would choose to. He even made a website called: (but it’s no longer functional).
Woman marries the Eiffel Tower.
Erika La Tour Eiffel (37), a former soldier from San Francisco had been in love with objects before; it’s called objectum sexuality.

*Note that, as of 2008, 40 people have declared themselves objectum sexual in the world. All of them are women, most have Asperger’s.

Past lovers include:
-Lance the Bow (He helped her become a world-class archer)
-Piece of Fence from the Berlin Wall (She also loved the Berlin Wall)

But her true love was the Eiffel Tower. She even changed her last name to legally reflect the bond. She fell in love with the structure when she visited Paris.

When questioned about her sexuality:

“ "I just don't understand how some people can bring someone into the world like a child - an object - and then not love them," she said.

She blames her upbringing for her condition. She claims to have been molested by her half-brother and abandoned by her parents to various foster homes.
"If I am the way I am today because of everything that happened to me, then I'm alright with it," she said. "I wouldn't change who I am now." "
True Love.

3) Japanese man marries a video game girl.
A Japanese man who goes by the name “SAL 9000” married a video game character from an anime themed dating simulation for the Nintendo DS called Love Plus (by Konami).

His wife’s name is Nene Anegasaki and he prepared a wedding ceremony for them, with a priest, emcee, an audience, and the bride’s best friend (also a video game character).

French woman marries dead boyfriend.
Last 2004, a Frenchwoman, Christelle Demichel (35), married her dead boyfriend. The exchanged of vows required authorization from President Jacques Chirac (president of France from 1995 - 2007).

Under French law, Christelle became both bride and widow in the ceremony. The groom was Eric, a former policeman who was killed by a drunk driver on September, 2002. Eric’s body was not present during the ceremony.

“ Such marriages are legal if the living spouse can prove the couple had intended to marry before the other died. The French president must also authorize it.
A 35-year-old French woman has married her boyfriend 18 months after he was killed in a car accident.
The wedding service was performed on what would have been her husband Eric’s 30th birthday.
“Eric and I promised when he was alive that we would get married,” she told French television. “Even though he is dead, I respect the values I shared with him, especially as his death was not his fault.”
“I lived a beautiful love story and this wedding testifies to it,” Demichel said. ”

This account is not Jeff.

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