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Curing Pedophilia (Failed Attempts and Successful Attempt)

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Curing Pedophilia (Failed Attempts and Successful Attempt) Empty Curing Pedophilia (Failed Attempts and Successful Attempt)

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What is pedophilia? Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to children.
Most pedophiles are male and they usually rape children. Sometimes they kill the child to cover up their crimes.

Over the years, there have been efforts to control pedophilia:

Self-explanatory. This idea was scrapped because it was too severe. A Texan man, accused of child molestation, once pleaded and begged to the US court to be castrated. However, the judge says no because he said that it was too severe and inhumane.

“Megan’s Law”
Passed in New Jersey. The law states that if a sex offender (a pedophile) would move in to a community, the residences must be alerted. In New Jersey, however, it didn’t seem to be effective in reducing re-offenses. Even though the community was alerted, the sex offenders were still able to commit the same offense.
However, Michigan soon adopted “Megan’s Law.”

After conviction, the offender has to undergo therapy. The offender will not be released until they are “cured.” The therapy proved ineffective most of the times.

“Chemical Castration”
The subject would be regularly (monthly) injected with a chemical to reduce their testosterone levels, decreasing sex drive. This treatment was dismissed because the subjects were reported to have experience severe side effects.

A new study by Ariel Rosler, MD, and Eliezer Wiztum, MD, of Israel -- published in the New England Journal of Medicine (as of February 12, 1998) -- had a better procedure of Chemical Castration, without the severe side effects. (Side effects were few and bearable.)

The treatment includes injecting pedophiles with triptorelin regularly (every month) to lessen testosterone levels, decreasing sex drive so that they won’t want to molest children anymore.
A test was conducted with 30 volunteer male pedophiles, aging an average of 32 years old. They received monthly injections of 3.75mg of triptorelin.
24 of the men decided to take the treatment for the year, and over the course of the treatment, none of them committed any sexual offenses, and were reportedly not to have lusted over children.

When 6 subjects ceased treatment, 5 out of 6 regained their testosterone levels and, again, felt sexual desire for children and had fantasies once more. 2 of which were prosecuted for sex crimes. The treatment has to be continuous for maximum effect.

This account is not Jeff.

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