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US Modern Day Slavery

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US Modern Day Slavery  Empty US Modern Day Slavery

Post  Roi on Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:55 am

If you think slavery in America has been eradicated, think again: Nicholas Kristof tells the story of a college graduate from China brutally forced into prostitution on her arrival in the US. While many think that commercial sex in the US is voluntary, in fact, sex slavery here “should be a national scandal,” he writes in the New York Times.
Yumi Li had agreed to be smuggled to the US for an accounting job; instead, when she entered the country, men took her to a Midtown Manhattan office, beat her, raped her, and made a degrading video they said they’d send to her family if she didn’t work for them. She spent three years working for johns who "all mistakenly assumed that she was working of her own volition." It’s not an isolated incident. A solution to the problem isn’t easy—but a “critical step” is for authorities “to focus more on customers and, above all, on pimps,” Kristof notes.

OHIO = Slavery Hub

Each year in Ohio some 1,000 US-born children are forced into the sex trade and about 800 immigrants are sexually exploited or pushed into sweatshop labor. Weak trafficking laws, poorly informed law enforcement, and the state's proximity to the Canadian border
combine to make Ohio a hub of human trafficking, according to a new report by a state commission.
"Ohio is not only a destination place for foreign-born trafficking victims, but it's also a recruitment place," the head of the study tells the AP. Ohio's rapidly growing immigrant population adds to trafficking networks; thanks to the nearby Toronto airport, a major international trafficking destination, Toledo ranks fourth among US cities for reported trafficking incidents. Compounding the problem, Ohio tends to treat child prostitutes as delinquents and imprison them rather than investigating the adults involved.


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