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Innovative police efforts

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Innovative police efforts  Empty Innovative police efforts

Post  Roi on Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:52 pm

Summarized from the Economist (and some other matter added)

Violent crime has been declining nationally for some 20 years. NY at 1990 = 2262 murders annually. 2012 = around 400. (not seen since JFK). Remarkable when for 36 hours in November 2012, nobody a tall was stabbed, shot or murdered. Washington DC = a fraction the size of new York = 400 killings in early 1990s. 2012 = fewer than 100 killings (lowest number for nearly half a century). Just a few exceptions i.e. Detroit and Chicago have seen their murder rates jump... While it could be because of reduced exposure to lead, increasing gentrification or more video games/porn for young hoodlums....

You can't deny that having these stuff are useful. What are they? (will add more descriptions/explanations later)

1. Panopticon concept - you're being watched(everyone is), but nobody can tell whether or not they are being watched. (camera surveillance, satellites, helicopters, scopes etc.)

2. CompStat - crime mapping system

3. Broken-windows strategy

4. Flooding troubled areas ("hot-spots") with police (mostly new recruits). i.e. Operation Impact

5. Stop-and-frisk policy, cracking down on guns and gangs... setting up check points around especially gang-plauged neighbourhoods. Even door-to-door search of guns.

It is claimed that proactive policing saved over 5600 lives between 2002 and 2011.

Hard to argue with results, but that's the problem. Most can police dpeartments can point to tactics that correlate with delcining violence, but many were not in place when the declines began so proving cause and effect is hard (see possible causes above).

Regardless, New York and Washington continue to innovate, applying technology and forming partnerships with the business community as seen in how a Real-time tracking tool being jointly developed by Microsoft and NYPD is planned to be sold to other police departments. "As the District battles a rise in less serious crime, it may be a customer."


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