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Mugabe and Democracy

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Mugabe and Democracy Empty Mugabe and Democracy

Post  frustysnowman on Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:39 pm

Robert Mugabe is a soldier turned war hero turned leader who is the current "president" of the country Zimbabwe. In his from 1980 up to now, he has transformed a former colony into an independent taste of hell. In his multiple "programs" for the "country's development", starting from his 2000 land reform program addressing colonial misdistribution, he (1) turned the economy of Zimbabwe down from lack of investment and re-misdribution of land; (2) sparked a civil war causing further sanctions of the US and the EU, and (3) reduced the value of the Zimbabwean dollars to the value of the German Mark in 1938 due to hyperinflation. And even in doing so, Mugabe's hope of bolstering the economic situation in Zimbabwe by helping a civil was in neighboring Congo failed so badly it removed funds from the government, introduced higher and new taxes, and smuggling weapons from the deployment of the hellish Zimbabwean troops. Oh, let's also not forget his corruption in all of these operations (especially the smuggling).

He had basically turned a colony into hell in just 33 years.

Now, though he claims Zimbabwe is a democracy where he holds elections, he has elections but nulls votes when he does not win, most recently in the 2008 scandal. In term, he is a DICTATOR. He has it all, from corruption from taking taxes to gun smuggling and cooperating with terrorists, as well as violation of human rights, most famously his arrest and beating of his opposition Morgan Tsvangirai after Mugabe said "... he deserved it for attending a banned rally..."

How in this world can a democracy have a banned rally if it focuses on free speech?

For your info, Mugabe NULLED the election votes by holding a "snap election" right after the originally planned election in 2008?

By the way, ever heard of black racism?

Well in Zimbabwe, after a Mandela-like situation in Zimbabwe in the 70's where there was Zimbabwean Apartheid of "separation of color", Mugabe's election in 1980 from a white minority government caused him hatred toward this race. In Zimbabwe, we have WHITE RACISM instituted by government policy. This includes one Zimbabwean borne bishop in York where he says: "He [Mugabe] is the worst kind of dictator, where he targets [taxing heavily] Whites for their apparent riches..." The blacks might have been oppressed, but for 33 years it's the other way around.

Did I mention woman-targeted crime and anti-homosexuality?

In Mugabe's tenure, rape and female murder victims increase three-fold after his election, as well as increase in crime rate in terms of murder, assault and most especially firearms. In his legislation, he made anti-LGBT laws banning homosexual acts including sex and even minor details showing femininity can allow you to be arrested by policemen. He is also known to say lesbians are "they [lesbians] are worse than dogs and cats [acting]..."

How does a democracy curtail one's expression of self or lifestyle choice?

But, apart from this, First Lady Grace Mugabe says " husband [Mugabe] chose me..." but instead of this seemingly anti-woman approach, he says her husband "...knows the importance of a woman...because he knows [kuti mushwa mukadzi] a woman makes a home..." which says a lot of the persona of Mugabe thinks a woman only belongs in things regarding home. Mrs. Mugabe is also 40 years younger than Mr. Mugabe, only 47, while her husband is 88.

We now see here a reverse racism, a disjointed country, and the man;

Robert Mugabe.



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